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Coming soon! On this site you’ll learn everything about New York wine.¬† Including:

New York State Terroir and Wine Growing Regions


For more info about terroir.

For more info about NYS wine growing regions.

New York State wine varietal characters…. Meet the cast!


Merlot: The Musketeer Porthos: If Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Cabernet Franc all make up the implanted French trio that should be known as the Three Musketeers¬†¬† Merlot would be the Musketeer known as a portly Porthos: honest, gullible, sweet, affable, slightly plump, full figured and maybe soft in the head, this plummy, slightly fruity grape who is use to being treated like part of the royal….

Winery and Brewery Directory.

Planning a trip or wine tour? A wedding? A bachelorette party? Check out our winery directory.

Wine making info.

Everything you need to know about making New York State wine.

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